An expert in sensitive deliveries, Cargomatic has a fleet of trucks equipped with on-board forklifts or cranes offering transport with handling.
Cargomatic’s expertise lies in its people and in managing its customers’ logistics from A to Z. Our corporate culture is based on rigour, reliability and responsiveness, which means that our employees are very close to our customers’ needs. Cargomatic is an eco-responsible organisation with a local geographical network: 6 cross-docking platforms, multi-modal transfers with its Greenrail brand.


After several years working in logistics for manufacturers and international hauliers, Arnaud DENIAU created the Cargomatic brand on 01/01/2000 with the idea of providing a global logistics solution combining handling and transport services.

Since 2000, Cargomatic has offered direct home delivery of large parcels (heavy, bulky, cumbersome, voluminous) such as swimming pools and pool covers, garden sheds, conservatories, joinery, gates, etc. An innovative concept that is now an integral part of the services offered by companies. Over the years, Cargomatic has expanded its network throughout France and developed direct delivery by appointment.


Our passion for our job means that we are constantly deploying new methods and passing on to our customers our expertise in the optimum organisation of supply and delivery processes.

Our employees share the value of commitment and the desire to surpass themselves in order to offer our customers the very best. We keep our promises to our customers in terms of deadlines, human and technical resources, and customer relations.

Zero subcontracting guarantees excellence. Cargomatic offers each organisation a tailor-made customer service solution at all times, breaking away from the traditional transport market. This qualitative approach contributes to offering the best services to our clients and thus develops a well-kept e-reputation to their advantage.

Because we are a hyper-specialist in sensitive delivery, we are a force for innovation in all our customer offerings.

Our quality management and continuous improvement approach means that we can guarantee 100% of our commitments, and our trained drivers, experienced in off-road driving, are your brand ambassadors.