Cargomatic offers a transport service with double-deck trailers or semi-trailers, double-deck rigids, and double-deck transport.
If you want to optimise your transport costs for long products, bib bags, or non-stackable pallets, Cargomatic has the solution!


Cargomatic adapts its double-decker semis to your requirements to help you with your transport needs.

  • Eligible freight: Semi 2.80m interior
    Examples of combinations with divisible heights:
    1) Floor Height 1.40m/Floor Height 1.40m
    2) Floor Height 1.60m/Floor Height 1.20m
    3) Floor Height 1.80m/Floor Height 1.00m
  • Available as a “single-customer” shipment or as a dedicated “multi-customer” tour
  • Side or rear loading


Use a technical, rigorous, and reliable transport service provider to transfer your goods, while optimising costs through double-decker transport.


  • What is the useful interior height of a double-deck trailer?

    The useful interior height is 2.80 m. As the floor is mobile, it is possible to vary this height either by half (1.40 m per floor) or by increments of 10 cm.

  • What is the payload of a double-deck trailer?

    The payload of our double-deck trailers is 24t and the payload on the upper deck will not exceed 10t.

  • Is there a fixed pole on a double-deck trailer?

    Yes, this post is located at 6.50m, in the middle of the semi, and is 40cm wide.