Cargomatic transports and delivers joinery to the building site with its trucks equipped with on-board forklifts. Whether you are a manufacturer or a specialist website, Cargomatic has the solution to serve your customers and deliver your joinery directly to the building site or to retailers.


Cargomatic delivers joinery anywhere in France, by appointment, to sites close to where it is to be installed and to retailers.

From standard pallets to large bay windows, Cargomatic adapts its resources to meet your requirements.


  • Delivery can be made by a carrier equipped with an on-board forklift, to meet access constraints.
  • Our 2.95 m high lorries are suitable for transporting joinery and bay windows. Our multi-directional forklifts are longer than 4m and can be used longitudinally, a technical advantage that enables us to meet all our customers’ needs.
  • Retailer tours
    Cargomatic can manage your retailer deliveries to complement or replace your own fleet, giving you greater organisational flexibility during peaks in activity or to compensate for staff shortages. Our drivers are your brand ambassadors.
  • Regional platform
    Cargomatic manages the flow of goods for you and frees up your storage space. Your dealers are reassured by the proximity of the buffer stock of your joinery.

Standard Delivery:

  • Appointment management
  • Direct delivery to site

Options :

  • Initial site visit (ISV)
  • Premium delivery: delivery by appointment in the presence of the installation technician
  • Management of cash on delivery