Cargomatic has a fleet of 50 new multi-directional forklifts, less than 18 months old. All our vehicles are equipped with trucks with a lifting capacity of 1.35t to 3.5t with fork extensions of up to 180. The multi-directional nature of our on-board trucks means we can offer customers all types of transport over all types of terrain. The latest innovation is the electric on-board truck for night-time or silent deliveries.


Our crane packages allow you to select the type of customised unit you require: forwarder (flatbed or tautliner), forwarder+trailer (flatbed or tautliner), ADR tug with retention tank for your hazardous industrial waste, semi-trailer (flatbed or tautliner). Depending on your needs, Cargomatic can deliver by appointment directly to your home or worksite.


Use our double-deck trailers to optimise your transport costs for long products, bib bags or non-stackable pallets… Cargomatic adapts the floor height of its trailers to your needs.


Fewer lorries on the roads and more containers on the rails – that’s one of the wishes of the Grenelle Environment Forum. Still little used in France, multimodal transport or piggybacking is now one of the transport priorities of all logistics and supply chain departments. Greenrail, with its parent company Cargomatic, is a reliable player with rigorous deadlines. We have a fleet that can handle pre- and post-carriage to rail terminals. Depending on requirements and pallet dimensions, Greenrail can provide any type of container or UTI.


Cargomatic provides you with a fleet of technical, mobile, controlled and clean transport trucks that are 100% EURO 6 compliant. The modularity of our fleet means we can offer our customers all kinds of combinations using our swap bodies: rigids for narrow access, semi-trailers, double-decker semi-trailers to optimise your transport, flatbeds, cranes, etc.


See our equipment for sale page for on-board trucks, swap bodies, semi-trailers and tractors.