17 chemin des Pierres

Phone number : +33 2 43 56 83 83

Cargomatic 85 is the Vendée platform of Cargomatic, an eco-responsible organization with a local geographic network: 8 cross-docking platforms (Laval 53, Vannes 56, Fontenay-le-Comte 85, Ressons-sur-Matz 60, Lyon 69, Toulouse 31, Rognac 13 and Mulhouse 68), multi-modal transfers with its Greenrail brand.

The location of our cross-docking platform in the Vendée region means that our customers in the Vendée and neighbouring departments can be served within very short timescales for deliveries throughout France.

An expert in sensitive deliveries, Cargomatic has a fleet of trucks equipped with on-board forklifts or cranes offering transport with handling.
Cargomatic’s expertise lies in its people and in managing customer logistics from A to Z.

Since 2000, Cargomatic has been offering direct home delivery of large parcels (heavy-long-bulky-voluminous) such as swimming pools and pool covers, spas, garden sheds, etc. throughout France, Corsica, Belgium and Switzerland. An innovative concept that has become an integral part of the services offered by companies. Over the years, Cargomatic has expanded its network throughout France and developed on-site delivery by appointment of verandas, joinery, elevators, gates and products for institutional markets.