Cargomatic provides on-site transport and delivery of machine tools, thanks to its fleet of trucks with on-board forklifts.
You are an industrial company, a craftsman, an Internet site, an auction site…
If you need a service to collect your machine tools and deliver them directly to your worksite, Cargomatic is the market leader in transport and handling.


Cargomatic delivers machine tools and printing machinery to construction sites and trade fairs all over France, by appointment, close to the installation site.

Depending on the characteristics of the machines: weight, dimensions, space requirements, and the pick-up and delivery locations, we provide the necessary technical resources:

Compliance insurance

Our insurance complies with CACES regulations. In other words, when you hire a forklift, you are obliged to have staff who are accredited with a CACES (a certificate of aptitude in safe driving). If you fail to do so, you alone will be liable in the event of an accident. Cargomatic avoids this hassle and offers you transport and handling services with drivers who all hold an up-to-date CACES.

Standard Delivery:

  • Appointment management
  • Direct delivery to site

Options :

  • Initial site visit (ISV)
  • Premium delivery: delivery by appointment in the presence of the installation technician
  • Management of cash on delivery