If you need a pick-up and delivery service direct to your worksite, or intermediate storage for your products, Cargomatic is the market benchmark for sensitive transport. You are a manufacturer, a craftsman, a website, an auction site... Cargomatic has the solution for you!


Deliver bulky products directly to the worksite, as close as possible to where they are to be installed, by appointment. Cargomatic delivers quickly and on time throughout France.

Cargomatic's expertise is in people and managing your logistics from A to Z.

Our expertise in the joinery, machine tool and institutional markets (ERDF, France telecom and SNCF) means we can provide you with an expert transport and handling service.


Cargomatic adapts its range of services to suit your needs, and your direct deliveries to construction sites will require:

  • Site reconnaissance: validating access with the installation technicians
  • An appointment
  • Delivery close to the installation site

Cargomatic has the solution with its services + direct on-site delivery.

Transport à la tournée - Conducteur camion

Initial site visit

We carry out a site survey to determine the handling equipment required. At the end of this visit, a written report is sent to the customer on the conditions and difficulties of accessibility for delivery.

Securing assets

On your construction sites, secure your goods and tools with our GREENBOX construction site boxes, which we can make available to you along with your goods.


Compliance insurance

Our insurance complies with CACES regulations. In other words, when you hire a forklift, you are obliged to have staff who are accredited with a CACES (a certificate of aptitude in safe driving). If you fail to do so, you alone will be liable in the event of an accident. Cargomatic avoids this hassle and offers you transport and handling services with drivers who all hold an up-to-date CACES.



  • Management of temporary storage while waiting for a site
  • Regional platform for your resellers


  • Appointment management
  • Validation of access
  • Pre-appointment reminder


  • Dedicated contact
  • Management of cash on delivery
  • Electronic proof of delivery

Transport services for auction sites

  • A dedicated contact person: your dedicated contact person will make an appointment with the individual, proposing a half-day and a time slot.
  • Validation of access conditions: the most difficult access conditions are taken into account when the order is placed and an appointment is made by telephone with the end customer. Our drivers systematically confirm and call back your customer before the appointment.
  • Home deliveries are made by trailer trucks, semis or straight trucks with multi-directional on-board forklifts adapted to all types of products and terrain.
  • Our drivers manage your cash collection for cash-on-delivery, and our services ensure dedicated follow-up.