Cargomatic set 🚛 equipped with a bare semi-trailer bed, a sliding curtains trailer & an on-board forklift!

Discover our entire fleet of “Play-Mobil” vehicles 👇

Made up of articulated units, our fleet of lorries can provide you with a suitable delivery solution for transporting your bulky, cumbersome or fragile products as close as possible to where they are to be installed:

👉 Mobile checkouts: organisatiobal flexibility
👉 Double-decker semi-trailers: optimising transport
👉 7.5t carriers: configuration enabling missions to be triggered at weekends and public holidays, or a “Delivery Sunday” plan to be implemented.
👉 Bare tray
👉 Truck cranes
👉 Trucks with on-board forklift
👉 Electric trucks

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📸 Thank you Pierre-Marie!

Un camion plateau grue avec remorque rideaux et chariot embarqué